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  • 🐝 beehiiv metrics integration, plus a new home for you advertisers

🐝 beehiiv metrics integration, plus a new home for you advertisers

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Metrics integration: beehiiv

I’m blown away by the Beehiiv integration. This is going to save me hours...

Geoff Shape - Lookout Media

It’s here! After the successful release of our Campaign Monitor integration we’ve worked hard to provide our beehiiver friends out there with the same superpowers.

But what is this integration you’re talking about?

Glad you asked!

In case you missed our previous announcement, Sponsy now integrates with your favourite ESP. The tedious task of collecting and reporting ad metrics can be 100% automated.

Sound awesome right?

If you’re a beehiiv user, follow these easy steps to get started 👇 If not, feel free to jump straight down to the next awesome feature!

beehiiv quickstart

First, select beehiiv as the ESP you want to integrate with and provide all the necessary information.

To verify the integration, head over to any past slot metrics tab. You’ll find a magic button to automatically pull the slot metrics from beehiiv 🪄

Nice! The metrics will now be available in the customer portal for your advertiser.

Things are working, time to automate 🤖 

Our plan is to collect data and send the report x days after the ad runs.

Let’s create the email template first with all the relevant text and variables

Then let’s define an automation to collect and send the data after 7 days. Note how we are specifying triggers and actions

Voilà! You just saved endless hours of repetitive work with a few clicks.

We’ll keep adding integrations with more ESP providers 🙌

Special thanks go to Farhan @ Overstory Media Group, Jordan @ CRE Daily & Freeman @ DTC. This feature would not have been possible without your help 💘

Customer portal redesign

The customer portal is a core feature of Sponsy. While the rest of the platform evolved, sometimes it felt like the customer portal was left behind.

We went back to the drawing board, and redesigned the user experience from the ground up. You deserve the best, and so do your advertisers.

You can already enable the new portal experience for your advertisers via your portal settings. And please feel free to drop us any feedback!

“Cool. What do I get out of this redesign anyway?”

Glad you asked. (I guess this is our sentence of the day)

Admin slot editing

Not only your advertisers spend time in the portal, but so do you! Navigate back and forth to update the slot status may not be ideal, therefore as a member of your team you can now make edits directly in the portal.

Open a slot and get over to the “Details“ tab to make any edits 🙌


You know how it is. First we added one performance metric, then another, then 10 more. It was getting a bit out of control, and it may happen that someone does not know what CTOR actually means. We have to google it from time to time as well - or ask Manu!

If the ad slot has metrics, the “Metrics“ panel for each ad slot will show up in the customer portal. Of course each metric has a clear definition to avoid any misunderstanding. Your advertisers will love this ❤️

Contact point

Last but not least, a clear support to your advertisers is fundamental for a successful relationship.

In Sponsy’s CRM, for each one of your advertisers, you can now specify their contact point in the “Portal“ settings. After setting it up, the contact point with the respective email will show up in the advertiser portal page.

Having a clear go-to person is important for your advertiser. Small things matter!

Customer metrics

At the end of the day, advertisement is all about relationships.

As it may be nice to know the date of your first date with your beloved one - do you? - when talking with your advertiser knowing information such as the last booked slot, average price and past bookings is fundamental for a great deal.

Seeing past bookings in Sponsy has always been the case, but we decided to level it up with some aggregates metrics to maximize your sales 💰

Would you like to see more metrics in there? Let us know, we’ll make it happen!

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Side panel approval

You can now approve a slot directly from the slot side panel in your dashboard ✅



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