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  • 📦 Sell your ads in bundle via Storefront

📦 Sell your ads in bundle via Storefront

Increase your average order value instantly

Sell your ads in bundle via Storefront 💰

Land more sales by bundling your ads

Since we shipped the initial version of Storefront, your feedback has been consistent.

As you do with direct sales, also for self-serve you want to sell your ads in bundles (or packages). That’s a great way to increase the average order value instantly.

We’re proud to announce that bundles are now available for your Storefronts!

Your leads will be able to book and pay an entire package of ads at a great price, while you can increase your sales, revenue and fill rate without additional effort.

Setting it up takes a minute:

  • go to your Storefront page

  • select the Storefront you want to add bundles to

  • click on the button “Add bundle“ and add your offer

Bundle your ads together to attract more sales on self-serve

A big shout out to Nick from Pillar4 Media, Geoff from Lookout Media and everyone else who gave us feedback on this initial version of the Storefront. You’re truly too many to list you all!

Bundles are here thanks to you! ❤️

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Filter automations by placement 🧑‍💻 

Sponsy’s automations are amazing. They’re so flexible you can literally automate most of your manual repetitive processes such as reporting, switch assignee during your workflow, reminders and anything you can think of.

Sometimes though, you want to run an automation only on a specific placement (aka type of ad). Here are some examples:

  • notify a team member to prep before a specific placement is going live

  • sync metrics from your ESP only for ads in the newsletter

Now you can! Just make sure to add the placement filter in your automation’s conditions

You can now run automations based on placements

Many thanks to Haroon from Short Squeez for suggesting this feature 🏆

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