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👀 Storefront sneak peek

Empower your advertisers with a self-serve booking system


Advertiser can see your offering and buy ads in your Storefront

Here we are. After nailing ad management for your team, we’re ready to give your advertisers a self-serve option to streamline your ad operations even further.

Storefront is coming, and here’s the breakdown of what you need to know 👇

What’s the Storefront for?

Storefront enables you to expose a selected part of your ad inventory directly to your advertisers via a unique link.

What my advertisers can do?

Your advertisers will be able to pick available dates, provide the ad assets, and pay in one go.

The best part?

What you want to enable is up to you. Here are some examples:

  • disable the gathering of the ad assets upfront, and do it later;

  • collect the advertiser interest, and use alternative payments methods outside of Sponsy;

And more. Flexibility is in our mindset. Our goal is to enable you to tailor your advertisers’ experience as you wish.

Can I create multiple Storefronts?

Yes, you can! This is quite handy when you own multiple brands.

Not only you can create more than one Storefront for your workspace, but you can also select which publications and placements should show in there.

Can I do sales both 1:1 and with a Storefront?

Of course, you’ll always be able to create deals and slots without using the Storefront at all. On the other hand, you can leverage the Storefront in your 1:1 in many ways such as:

  • show your advertisers available dates;

  • show your offer, stats and testimonials;

What’s next?

We are now busy with the assets gathering and payments. Once we progress with the Storefront we’ll start opening it to more and more customers to gather feedback and iterate 🔥

“Can I try this out?”

Of course, we would you love to!

Let us know by sending us an email to [email protected], we’ll include you in the waiting list for early access 🙌

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Archive Deals

Archive deals

Don’t let your past deals hang forever in your pipeline.

When you’re done with a deal, archive it to hide it from your pipeline. You’ll always be able to access it later when using toggling on the “Archived” option in the filters.

See archived deals

Thanks to our friend Tad Moore from Around Town Media for the feature request 💞

If you can quickly look at deals via the new side panel it’s thanks to him too!