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🤝 HubSpot Integration

Keep advertiser in sync from your favorite CRM

HubSpot Integration

Having your data scattered between multiple apps is a pain.

Let’s picture this: you’ve just closed the deal in your favorite CRM, you’re happy and satisfied.

Now, all you have to do is allocating those ads in your ad calendar in Sponsy. Done.

New customer? Lookup the customer info and its contacts, copy-paste that into Sponsy. Uff…done.

Okay, but not okay. What if the contact changes? What if I made typos on the way?

There should be a better way…

That’s why today we’re announcing our official integration with HubSpot 🔥

Here’s how it works 👇

Keep your contacts in sync

Companies and contacts are pulled from HubSpot to Sponsy

After connecting your HubSpot account, companies and contacts from HubSpot will be directly populated into Sponsy.

Please note: only data in Sponsy will be created/updated, your data in HubSpot will not be touched.

Inspect the profile of your contacts in HubSpot

When using multiple apps, being able to navigate between them at your convenience is essential.

That’s why every synced customer and contact will have a handy button to open the corresponding profile in HubSpot 🙌

Does the integration also covers deals?

Not at the moment, but please let us know if you would like to have them included.

Why not use Sponsy’s built-in CRM and Deals?

In general, integrating your sales and ad inventory systems yields numerous benefits. By consolidating tools, you streamline processes and maximize the use of ad inventory data to drive sales. This is precisely why Sponsy offers the option to manage everything within its platform.

However, we understand the importance of using tools you're accustomed to and love.

That's why our HubSpot native integration offers the best of both worlds 🏆

Are you excited about this feature?

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Automated ad metrics reporting

You can 100% automate your ad reporting with Sponsy, saving hours of work each week in only 2 steps:

  • connect your ESP

  • setup an integration to pull the ad performance after one week and send it to your advertiser with an automated email

That’s it! Sponsy already natively integrate with many ESPs such as Omeda, Campaign Monitor, beehiiv, Mailchimp, EmailOctopus and Ghost.

Don’t see your ESP?

Get in touch by sending us an email to [email protected], we’ll do the integration for you 🙌

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