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👻 Ghost Integration

Enjoy automated reporting with your ad metrics from Ghost

Ghost integration

A new ESP integration is in town! 👻

Ad metrics can be now synced from Ghost

Ghost configuration

As every other ESP integration, it allows you to sync ad metrics directly in your slot via the click of a button

Sync ad metrics from Ghost

Or in a totally automated way after the ad goes live thanks to our automations

Automate syncing of ad metrics from Ghost

An automated report can also be sent to your advertiser, setting to 0 the total time you spend in ad reporting.

Thanks to Paul-Bernard from Freight Caviar for the feature request! Another powerful integration is in our roster thanks to you 🙌

Other integrations available: Omeda, Mailchimp, beehiiv, Campaign Monitor, and EmailOctopus.

Don’t see yours? Let us know by replying to this email :)

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Ignore slots on fill rate and metrics

Don’t consider specific slots in fill rate & metrics

Should a cross-promo or make-good ad be included in your fill rate?

If you end up having many of these ads your metrics can be misleading. Your fill rate grows but your revenue doesn’t? That’s confusing! 😵

That’s why you can now exclude specific ads from your metrics. This allows you to have a top-notch realistic view of how your publications are performing.

Thanks to our friends from Last Week In AWS for the feature request 💞

Last Week In AWS

Jeremy Tangren - Last Week In AWS