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🔥 Ad management on Fire

Enhanced due date & assets experience, EmailOctopus ESP integration, and new powerful automations

Relative due dates

Book ad with a relative due date

Due dates provide clarity to your advertiser when things need to be ready. And no, that’s not the day the ad goes live!

When booking your ad slots, specify the due date. You can also make sure it ends up on a business day by marking the checkbox.

If a due date is provided it will show on the customer portal, and it will be highlighted when the due date comes closer.

Customer portal ad due date

Everyone needs a reminder once in a while, so don’t forget to create an automation to remind your advertisers to submit their assets before the due date.

Advertiser assets reminder via automation

Sweet! By using a template you can customize what is sent to your advertiser. Here’s an example content for you template containing the customer portal link.

Advertiser reminder template

The variables - e.g. the customer_portal_url - will be replaced with the data of the ad slot and the advertiser.

Type $ in the content editor to see all available variables!

File Library redesign

File library

Advertisers coming back to sponsor more is great, but asking them to re-upload common creatives such as their logo is not.

It was already possible with Sponsy to reuse creative, but it was not clear enough! Thanks to your feedback we went back to the drawing board and redesigned the assets experience from the ground up to make it more accessible.

In case you need to quickly double check past creative for an advertiser, go over to the advertiser’s Assets tab in the CRM. You can also upload and make files private. This is handy for things such as invoices, or anything else advertiser related which should not show in the portal.

Private customer assets


Email Octopus integration

We have a new integration in our roster: welcome EmailOctopus 🐙

Connecting your account is simple. All you need to provide is

  • your API key

  • your list ID

Then, as with the other ESP integrations, you’ll be able to sync your ad performance from your ESP directly to Sponsy. These will be available not only in your Sponsy dashboard, but also in your customer portal.

Customer portal metrics

EmailOctopus API does not currently provide click data. We’re in contact with their support and we’ll integrate clicks as soon as data is available.

Automations automations automations

We’ve got some fresh triggers and conditions for you to get more out of your plate.

Before diving into what’s new, let’s do a quick recap. What are automations, conditions and actions?

  • Automations: this is a core Sponsy feature which enables your team to automate repetitive tasks. Think reminders, syncing data with your ESP, changing the status of the ad slot when something happens, and so on. Automations run based on conditions and execute one or more actions

  • Conditions: define when the automation should run. It could be something as “7 days before the slot date“ or when the slot gets approved on the customer portal

  • Actions: defined what the automation should do when the conditions are met. Send an email to your advertiser, change the assignee, update slot status are some example actions you can perform.

Great! Let’s now see them in action 👇


Unapproval trigger

You could automate things on approval already, but what if you need to take a step back?

Use the new “is unapproved“ trigger to run any action when the ad approval get removed. Update the status, notify your advertiser, both or more! You are in control of your ad flow

Approve & Lock slot

Approve & lock slot action

Until now, a slot needed to manually be approved from the advertiser or from you via the click of a button. Sometimes, this may feel too limited. You may want the slot to be automatically approved on status change, or anything else fitting your ad flow.

The “Approve & lock slot” does exactly that. When something happens, approve and lock the slot to prevent further editing from your advertiser.

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