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  • 💯 Keep track of your Deals fulfillment

💯 Keep track of your Deals fulfillment

Instantly spot Deals that needs your attention, and keep expectations on track

Keep track of your Deals fulfillment 💯

Easily spot unfulfilled deals

Tracking many deals at once can be overwhelming. Sometimes you may ask yourself:

“What really needs my attention?”

Most of the time, what you really want to make sure is all confirmed deals have their ads on track. If not, you need to easily spot which ones are not.

Say hello to our new addition to the deal card, the Deal progress widget!

Get an instant overview of a deal progress

It is now easier than ever to spot unfulfilled deals. By hovering on the small chart next to the deal value, you can get instant insights on the deal progress.

The chart will get a different progress and color based on the fulfillment %, allowing you to overview the overall fulfillment status at once via the kanban board.

We would like to thank our friends Tad from Around Town Media, Mark from Elite Agent and Andrew from Alabama Explorer for the awesome feature request! It definitely brings Sponsy’s Deals to a whole new level 🔝

Are you excited about this feature?

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Your Deal performance at a glance 🏆

The Deal’s dashboard page got a facelift

One of the best parts of Sponsy - which is also where many media companies fall short - is data centralization.

Sponsy allows you to store full cross-publication campaigns, their respective ads, price and performance in one place.

That’s a lot of valuable data! And that’s why having appropriate dashboards in place on top is essential for your business success.

In the past few days, we took some extra time to review the Deal dashboard.

For each deal, you now have:

  • a clear overview of the deal value and fulfillment status

  • aggregated revenue and performance metrics

  • a publication breakdown to see where your campaign is scheduled

It has never been easier to manage your campaigns!

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