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🔥 SparkPost integration

Automate your ad reporting, and get to know the latest updates with Storefront

SparkPost Integration

We’re continuing building powerful native integrations so you can do more in less time.

We’re excited to announce our latest ESP integration with SparkPost!

As with every other ESP integration, you’ll be able to sync ad metrics directly in Sponsy via the click of a button. You can also use our powerful automations builder to sync metrics and send reports to your advertisers on autopilot.

Here’s how your ad metrics will look like in your ad calendar:

Metrics in ad calendar

Thanks to Caroline from Optimism for the feature request! 🏆

More ESP integrations are available: Campaign Monitor, Omeda, Mailchimp, beehiiv, Ghost and EmailOctopus.

Would you like to see more integrations? Let us know :)

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Storefront update

Storefront is up and running. Media companies are already closing deals on autopilot with it💰

A LOT of feedback has been gathered, and we’re hands down on it. Here’s what on top of our minds:

  • bundles: package your ads and sell it with a fixed price

  • ad preview: show how the ad looks like

  • improved setup UX: make it simpler as possible to tailor your Storefront as you like

We would like to thank some of our beta testers for the invaluable feedback:

Your support powers our journey to create the best ad management platform for media companies. Thanks again! 💞

A Media Operator

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