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🤝 Deals got a revamp

Pick line items from your ad inventory, faster management, and better UX

Deals creation

The deal creation flow got a revamp

Deals is one of the latest features of Sponsy, which enables you to group ads sold in one or multiple publications, into one single campaign.

The cherry on top? There are many!

  • Real-time performance tracking: monitor your overall campaign performance at any time with grouped stats, such as opens and clicks.

  • Automated end-of-campaign reports: send detailed reports at the end of your campaign through our automation features.

  • Fast payments: get paid quickly and securely via a convenient payment link.

Based on your valuable feedback, we've also revisited the deal creation process. Here’s what has been improved:

  • you can now pick dates directly from your available inventory.

  • how multiple ad slots can be created in bulk when finalizing the deal

We believe that details matter, and we are confident this update will improve your overall experience tracking a full campaign.

Thank you for helping us make Sponsy better!

Deal items

There’s now a clear division between what has been booked and not

Yes you’re right, the deal items page was confusing. A revamp was necessary, and we’re glad we did it!

Now, items booked in your ad inventory are clearly divided from the ones that are not, giving you a better view of what needs to be done.

Since we were there, we also improved the flows to manage those items, making your workflow smoother and more intuitive.

Way better than before, but never perfect. Keep the great feedback coming ❤️

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