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Automations Automations Automations

A redesigned automation editor, Deal's automations & campaign reporting

Deal automations

Trigger automations on deal creation

With the automation editor redesign, we were able to squeeze in automations on deals too!

Heres some examples of deals related automations that you can build right away:

  • Send an email with the performance of the full campaign

  • Update the status when a deal is paid

  • Send an email with a payment link when a deal is created

  • Notify your advertiser of a certain status change

But it does not stop here. There are so many ways you can combine triggers and actions to automate repetitive parts of your workflow.

We are looking forward to see what you will come up with!

Would you like to see more automations? Let us know :)

Deal email variables

Compose email templates for your automations in a snap

Our email templates have received a new design and extended functionalities too!

Now, you can construct emails for your advertisers or internal notifications faster. And we also added a bunch of extra variables for deals.

With these new variables, you can create a variety of emails, including:

  • Aggregated campaign performance reports

  • Email notifications with a payment link for your advertisers

  • Internal performance reports when a deal reaches a certain status

If you find that something is missing or have suggestions for improvement let us know, we are always happy to help.

Simpler temporal automations

Simplify your temporal automations

Until now, when setting temporal automations you needed to specify a condition together with the time. Heres an example:

When 7 days has passed from the slot date and the status is Sent, sent a report to the advertiser

You might not be interested in the status check, focusing solely on the 7-day condition instead.

Now, you can get rid of any additional condition and simplify your automations  

Batching of system notifications

We've updated our system to batch internal notifications, ensuring that neither you nor your sponsors will receive multiple emails for the same action.

Batching has been applied to the following notifications:

  • On comments, both in the portal and internally

  • Slot approvals in the customer portal

We would like to extend our thanks to S矇bastien from This Week in React for providing valuable feedback on this feature!

Deal activity

Inspect what happened to a Deal

Just like slots, Deals now feature an activity page, allowing you to track a log of events associated with the deal over time.

You can see who created the deal, made changes or simply clarify any doubt you may have about how a deal reached a certain stage.

Extremely helpful!

Are you excited about this feature?

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Comments notification badge

Easily spot ad slots with comments

Communication with your advertisers is key to long lasting partnerships. With the Sponsy Customer Portal, this communication can be centralized in one place providing your advertisers a first class experience.

It would be too bad to ruin that by missing some important update from your advertisers!

Thats why ad slots with comments are now highlighted with a badge, making it easy for you to spot last minute requests.

A million thanks to Ziyana from Overstory Media Group for the feature request

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