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🚢 We keep shipping

Label your run dates, duplicate ads and enjoy a clean CRM

Date labeling

Not every day is equal. Add a label to mark a special day

Not every day is equal. Some days you might have a special sponsor doing a takeover, another one you might have a special piece scheduled that your advertisers don’t want to miss.

Discover date labeling. Add custom labels to specific dates, making it easier to coordinate with your team and highlight important information. The Sales team can (and should) use this information too!

Keep crucial details where your ad inventory is!

Thanks to Chris from Sell Better for the feature request, we’re sure many smart folks here will love it 🫶

Duplicate ad slot 🔥

Reusing an ad has never been easier

Your favorite tool to manage ad inventory got a long-waited feature: duplicate ads with just a few clicks!

This update saves you valuable time whether you need to replicate successful campaigns or quickly generate variations. It’s a must have in your ad operations toolkit.

Special thanks to Mark from Elite Agent for prompting us to add this gem 💎

Duplicated customers? No more 🙅‍♀️

When creating a new customer, we’ll alert you about possible duplicates

Entering a duplicated customer in Sponsy is definitely too easy. Let’s change that!

While creating a new customer profile, Sponsy will automatically alert you if a similar customer already exists from now on.

This feature helps prevent duplicate entries, ensuring your customer database remains clean and accurate.

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