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Optimize Teamwork with @Mentions

Welcome @Mention

Use mentions to loop in your team

This was on our To-Do list since way too long…

Mentions are now available in comments 🎉

Add any team member and advertiser contact in the loop by typing @ followed by their name when commenting an ad slot.

This makes it easier to draw attention to specific tasks, share updates, and collaborate more effectively.

A big thanks to Samantha & Michael from Zoomermedia for prompting us to ship this feature 🙌

Since the primary goal is to help internal team communication, @mention is not currently available in the customer portal.

Should it be available there? Let us know!

Are you excited about this feature?

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Clear publishing & due date in portal 😇

We received feedback from some of you that advertisers were experiencing confusion in the customer portal. Specifically, there was a mix-up between the publishing date and the due date.

Indeed, quite easy to mix the 2!

To address this, we've added a clear badge to distinguish between the two dates.

This small improvement will help prevent many misunderstandings, saving valuable time to both you and your advertisers down the line.

Many thanks to Jessica and Ziyana from Overstory Media Group for suggesting this feature 🏆

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