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🎨 Navigation revamp

Managing your ad inventory has never been faster

A growing business deserves an efficient navigation

With the introduction of many features, such as Deals and soon Storefront, our navigation was getting out of hand.

In addition to that, media companies using Sponsy to manage many publications would incur into minor obstacles, such as repetitive visits to the publications page.

To address these challenges, we've completely revamped our navigation system. Now, you'll find time-saving features like a publications search directly in the side menu.

Plus, navigating pages like your publication's settings has never been easier 👇

We expect that this navigation feature will save you significant time throughout your Sponsy experience.

We value your feedback, so please let us know what you think!

Are you excited about this feature?

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Customer contacts & total in Deal sidebar

When managing Deals, having the customer contacts at hand is a must. Also, always seeing the total value of the Deal you’re managing sounds great too!

We totally missed them both in the new Deal sidebar, but thankfully our friends at Around Town Media gave us an heads up to add it.

Enjoy! 🙌

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