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  • Automate your reporting, renewals and more on your campaigns

Automate your reporting, renewals and more on your campaigns

Run repetitive actions on autopilot as your campaign progresses

Run automations as your Deals get fulfilled

Pick between different threshold to run automations

One of the most requested features for Deals is now available!

As your advertisers campaign progresses, so does its fulfillment. Once all the scheduled ads have run, the corresponding fulfillment will reach 100%.

There are many actions you are probably doing manually now, such as updating a deal status once the campaign has ended or notifying your advertiser with a mid-campaign report.

Well, you can now automate those tasks and take them off your plate!

Heres an example of reactive automation that updates the deal status to Completed, then notifies a team member once all the ads in the Deal have run:

Run actions once a Deal is fulfilled

Automations are so flexible that the possibilities are endless, making it easier than ever to automate any manual recurring action.

As usual, we would like to thank many of our customers who prompted us to ship this feature. Special thanks to Audrey from Payload, Eric from CRE Daily, Mark from Elite Agent, and last but not least, Tad from Around Town Media.

Believe us, Deals would not be at this level without the input from these amazing people!

What are you waiting for? Its time to automate your deal management!

Are you excited about this feature?

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Automate Deals reporting and renewals

Send renewal proposal on autopilot

Automation for Deals can also run after a specific number of days once a Deal has been fulfilled.

This enables two powerful temporal automations we have in mind:

  • Sending a full campaign report a couple of days after the last ad from the campaign has run.

  • Sending a renewal proposal one or two months after the campaign has ended.

Dont forget that you can run multiple actions and come up with creative workflows.

Not only can you follow up with your advertiser with a great email containing your past campaign performance, but you can also update the status of the Deal to replenish your pipeline and keep a closer eye on those proposals.

Add a status to track renewal proposal, and automatically populate deals in it

We're looking forward to seeing how you leverage these new automations!

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