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🗓️ Share dates from ad calendar

Cut the time spent drafting proposals for your advertisers

Share dates from ad calendar 🗓️

Quickly select and send candidate dates to advertisers

Sales people, this feature is for you! 🫵

When handling a direct deal, are you tired of looking up availability in the ad calendar and manually type each date in your proposal?

Well, not anymore. You can now select a bunch of dates and copy them in your clipboard. When pasting in your proposal, dates will be nicely formatted, ready to be used and, what’s most important, always correct.

Using this new feature is straightforward:

  • select your dates via the small circle on the top right of the ad block

  • click “Copy dates“ on the bottom bar

Select & click the button to copy dates in your clipboard

When pasting, here’s how it will look like:

Wednesday, 12 Jun 2024 (Daily Brief - Secondary)
Thursday, 13 Jun 2024 (Daily Brief - Secondary)
Thursday, 13 Jun 2024 (Daily Brief - Bottom)
Friday, 14 Jun 2024 (Daily Brief - Secondary)

Where the format is “Date (Publication - Placement)“.

Now it is quicker and easier to communicate candidate dates to potential advertisers. Definitely a time saver for sales!

Thanks to Danny from TLDR for the great feature request, many will definitely thank you for it!

Are you excited about this feature?

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Faster access to advertiser’s contacts 👨‍💼

Easily access your advertiser’s contact anytime

Sometimes you may need to shoot your advertisers a quick message. Their contacts is available in Sponsy, but you need to go deep until their profile to see their email address.

That’s a lot of clicks. Too many clicks. 🫣

Thanks to Ziyana from Overstory Media Group who suggested this gem, now you can avoid all that!

See your customer’s contact direct from the ad slot sidebar

When a customer is selected for an ad slot, simply hover on the name to find all related contacts. Click on the email to open your email client, or use the nice button next to it to copy to your clipboard.


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